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Hub Capital started as Dif Capital, an area inside Dif Broker dedicated to Capital Raising and Corporate M&A.
Dif Capital engaged with Keys A.M. on the acquisition of Lx Factory em 2017.
Successfully advised Corporations on M&A activity.
Closed Sale-and-Lease Back operations on the Hotel sector.
Raised capital for Residential developments in Portugal.
Has direct access to main International Investors on Corporate and Real Estate Assets.

Pedro Pereira-CEO

Actively seeking new opportunities for investors and corporations. Developed a strong experience in financial markets and wealth management through 9 years work at a macro Hedge Fund and a quant hedge fund. Multi-asset investment approach, traded various financial instruments while responsible for creation of portfolios/models and respective risk management/tracking. Before did Credit Research, product development at a tech company and Banking. Pedro holds a Master in Finance from Nova School of Business and Economics and BA in Economics. Ongoing CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investments Analyst) Certificate.Experience on Portuguese Real Estate Market.


Hub Capital

We are a company dedicated to corporate solutions and Investment advisory. With a strong expertise and know-how on capital markets, M&A operations, and Real Estate Market.

We support our customers delivering the support in raising private capital for expansion of activity to new segments or new geographic areas.

The work carried out by Hub Capital covers various sectors holding interests in opportunities in the domestic and international markets. Our dedicated team consists of partners with high experience in the sector and we are prepared to deliver a value proposition for companies in the public or private sector wishing to access our services.

Hub Capital presents itself as one place where investors from buy side can meet investors from sell side. We are actively creating value to both parties to prosper consistently.

We combine our principles of conduct to our delivery in achieving the objectives of our clients.


  • Corporate Finance
    • Capital Raising
    • M&A
    • Fundraising
    • Project Finance
    • Real Estate financing
  • Global Investment Markets
    • Local partner advisor
    • Sale and lease operations
    • Yield assets
    • Expansion
    • Identifying opportunities
    • Exit strategies

Real Estate

Real Estate is first and foremost a local market. People on the ground live and breathe its pace. With a strong background and expertise, we are here to deliver the solutions you need to achieve your objectives.

For Portugal, trends and funding are usually International, with our local expertise we can optimize the investments for successful and consistent gains.

Betting on the long term success we can wait for the opportunities you need and be swift when needed.

Areas of work:

  • Hotels;
  • Residential;
  • Commercial;
  • Senior Housing;
  • Student Housing;
  • Logistics;
  • Offices;
  • Retail;
  • Parking.



  • Integrity;
  • People;
  • Reputation;
  • Excellence;
  • Humbleness;
  • Persistence;
  • Long term view;
  • Confidentiality.

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As PME portuguesas ganham o acesso a uma estrutura que projecta o seu potencial junto de investidores, valorizando-se, obtendo a possibilidade de terem um acompanhamento personalizado na expansão da actividade ou internacionalização.
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Pedro Pereira

Pedro Pereira

CEO da Hub Capital

A compra contou com o apoio de seis advisors, incluindo a Dif Brokers na vertente financeira.
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Dif Brokers

...esta parceria estratégica é um passo importante para uma maior aproximação dos investidores de capital com as PME portuguesas.
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Pedro Lino

acelerando o seu crescimento no mercado ibérico e escalando os serviços de wealth management
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Mário Bolota

CEO do BiG


Ask any question related to Corporate financial services, We are glad to answer.


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